During winter there are some special ways to keep on catching our beloved fish , one of them  is ''Heat -Treatment'' in our 'How to Article ' we show you exactly  how to get the most out of your Bait.

Step 1 :

Take the amount of Boilies for your session out of the Bag , put them into a Bait-Bucket.

Step 2 :

Boil some water ( best is from the lake you're fishing )

Step 3 :

pour the Boiling water onto your Boilies until all Boilies are under water

Step 4 :

Put the lit  on the bucket and leave the Boilies for 10 / 15 Minutes , during this Time the Boilies will soften en expand.

When Time has past Pour of the water, and leave a few ml's in the Bucket .

Step 5 :

Pour some of our Activator Liquid onto your Boilies , close the lit , and shake well until all Boilies are covered with the Liquid.

Leave the Boilies for at least One Hour! 

Step 6 :

Cover the Boilies with one of our  Stickmixes , shake well and leave it to rest for at least 15 Minutes.    (  Best results is to leave them overnight )


All ingredients are soaked in  , the Boilies will let go of all the extra attractors immediately when put into the lake , attract even the most inactive Wintercarp.