Custom Stainless Products

Our Custom Stainless products provide you as an angler reliable products for Heavy Duty usage on the bank.

Custom-made by specialized professionals , with passion for their craft.


TRB Boilies karpervissen karperaas karper Hengelsport

**Example of A Rendering of A drawing made in our Design Studio**

Interested? then give us A call , or send us A message at:

TRB Boilies karpervissen karperaas karper Hengelsport
TRB Boilies Karpervissen Karperaas Hengelsport Carp Carp-bait


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So if you Have an idea , tell us about it!

In our own design studio, we can work out your whole plan.

From the first sketch to a fully detailed 3D drawing, with a rendering of the drawing so that you equally have an idea how your product eventually will look like.

The rendering is 99% accurate in your final product.

It is also possible to supply your drawing as an AutoCAD DWG file.