Triple 8'Tive  Glug & Glaze Ready to go Pack

Triple 8'Tive Glug & Glaze Ready to go Pack

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Our Triple8'Tive is the Boilie,
for those who want something different
There's no Boilie in the same range which performs like this one.

Made with 999 LT-fish meal, liver meal, toasted hemp,robin red (Haith's), predigested liver / Squid Flavor / Scopex Flavor , and many more High Quality ingredients.
Overall a very balanced mix, which already has brought Many fish on the bank.

During the test period of this Boilie ( On A Stretch of 64KM ) many fish were doubled , which tells us that Carp love it!
Triple 8'Tive
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    ( Package contains: 2.5KG Boilies / 1 Jar of Pop Up's / 1 Jar of Haith's Robin Red / 1 Bottle of Bait-soak