The Red Zone / 5Kg

The Red Zone / 5Kg

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Sweet / Sweeter / Sweetest! Hot / Hotter /Hottest!

Like fishing in the summertime with Super-Hot-Sweet Boilies?
Look no further!
Our Red Zone is made for during the warm summer months , A boilie which stands out by High Leakage of his attractors.

This Boilie is an absolute must have for the summer.



Red Zone 28MM!


Also New!

Red Zone SE ( Special Edition ) especcially for Rivers , Canals and open watersystems ,we added crushed Oystershells , to enhance the weight of the Boilie , it also improves the leakage of the Boilie.

And last but not least : It gives the Boilies a superior crunch factor.

The Red Zone
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    Made with the Superior quality , Super-red ( produced by : Haith's ) and many different ( easy to digest ) Biscuits- Flour /filled with Chili's and Black Pepper!
    Super sweetner and A Superb self developed Flavor.

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