Bloody Krill Ready to go Pack

Bloody Krill Ready to go Pack

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One of the most superb attractors on the planet , KRILL!
It has been the Number One Natural food for Whales for over Millions of years!

**The Nutritional value of Krill is phenomenal!**
**Krill is packed with high quality protein, amino acids and essential fats.**

Throughout the years this rich Foodsource has become one of the best attractors for Carp.

This is the reason we had to make A Boilie with this phenomenal ingredient.
After A long period of testing with different ingredients to combine the perfect Boilie,
we now have A Boilie that comes near to perfection.
By using up to 25% P/Kg of the best Antartic Krill Meal and Krill Liquid combined with other ingredients as roasted crushed Hemp and Hemoglobine, our Bloody Krill Boilie has become A Carp-Magnet!