Banana Fudge / 5Kg

Banana Fudge / 5Kg

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Our New Banana Fudge Boilie is made with easy to digest Flour.

The distinctive sweet taste in this Boilie makes it A pure candy for our beloved fish , attracted by the added amino acids and of course by the sweet smell , this boilie is irresistible to carp
A combination of Biscuit Flour / Wheat Flour / Rice Flour / Prosecto Flour makes this Boilie easy to digest , which it makes it suitable for fishing all year round.
To improve the High Leakage and taste of this boilie we added CLO , and dryed crushed Bananas .

The Specific Weight of this Boilie , makes it A perfect choice to fish on Soft Soils.
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    -High Leakage

    -Distinctive Sweet Taste