There are A lot of ways to enhance your Bait , one of them is to soak your Bait.

With our Food Liquids , you'll get the best out of it.

When using our Liquids , either if it's our Bait-Glug or our Bait-Booster the  enhancement of your Bait is directly noticeable .

In our range we have 2 types of liquid , Bait-Glug and Bait-Booster.

To get the most from your Liquids  , we recommend to use the Bait-Glug for enhancement of your Hook-Baits , Bait-Glug is like ''Glue'' and will stick on your Hook-Bait and is for instant use recommendable.

Bait-Booster however is more to enhance all your Baits , and is ideal to use for stickmixes , how you use our Liquids is up to you , nonetheless all of our liquids are pure Liquid Food sources filled with essential Amino's , which are normally found by carp in their natural food sources.


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