Power Attract-Tips

Especially during winter and on High Pressured Lakes , there are some special ways to keep on catching our beloved fish , one of them  is ''Glug & Glaze'' in our 'How to Article ' we show you exactly  how to get the most out of your Bait.

Step 1 :

Take the amount of Boilies for your session out of the Bag , put them into a Bait-Bucket.

Step 2 :

Get a  Bottle of our Triple8'Tive Bait-Glug  and pour some liquid over the Boilies. ( ±100Ml  P/ 2 Kg's Boilies )

Step 3 : Put the lit  on the bucket and Shake well , until all Boilies are covered.

Step 4 :

Add some Haith's Robin Red  ( 1/4 Jar 20Grams should be enough  for 2 Kg  ) to the Liquid covered Boilies , close the lit  and  shake well.

Step 5 :

Repeat this process as many times as you like , the more layers you create , the  more attractive the Bait becomes.   


Your Boilies are now covered with multiple Layers of Liquid and Robin Red , letting go of extra food signals for Hours and Hours!


Get the most out of this article , and buy  our special Glug & Glaze deal.

Package contains:  

2.5KG of our Triple8'Tive Boilies ( 20 / 15MM or  A  mix of both diameters )

1 Bottle of Triple8'Tive Bait-Glug ( 200Ml  )

1 Jar of Haith's Robin Red  ( 80 Gram )

1 Jar of Triple8'Tive Pop Up's  ( 90 Gram )