When your ready to strike Gold! 


To most people A Boilie is just A Boilie , to us however its pure Gold!

Within our Passion for creating Bait , we try to create just that little bit more that gives you the edge in fishing , in the end its that small piece of ''Gold'' which decides if your gonna catch or not!

Therefore we don't do just ''Boilies'' No our Boilies are made from

critically balanced recipes that we have developed and tested over the years.

A Bait that's not only Highly attractive but also Nutritious. 

Banana/Fudge /3Kg

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The Red Zone / 3Kg

€ 27,75Normale prijs€ 24,99Verkoopprijs

Triple 8'Tive / 3Kg

€ 23,85Normale prijs€ 21,99Verkoopprijs

Bloody Krill / 3Kg

Niet op voorraad

BCA+ /3Kg

€ 26,95Normale prijs€ 24,99Verkoopprijs