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NEW!  PS69

Our answer to Boilies with the famous Ingredient ; Squid ! 


The abbreviation PS69 stands for Pure Squid, the numbers 69 indicate the amount of ingredients and attractors and Feed stimulators. Our PS69 is made up of First-Grade Squid meal, which is packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins, the taste of Squid meal is slightly sweet, which the carp are sure to appreciate, the Amino acid pattern is really special, in addition, Squid meal is easily digestible, so you can use these Boilies all year round. The ingredients used in these Boilies, create a nice complete diet, with a high attraction value, so you can use these Boilies Instant, but also very suitable for long-term Feeding Campaigns. One thing is certain: Carp can't get enough!

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PS69 Pop Up's

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PS69 Micro-Pellets

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PS69 Bait-Booster

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PS69 Boilies

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PS69 Bait-Glug